Today, I'm addressing a question that has been on my mind. "Why we have delays or long shipment durations when importing from Asia (China) to Nigeria or Africa at large, as compared to other countries?" I'm opined that the long durations of shipments and delays, as it relates to importation in Nigeria is caused by a major factor "Monopoly". When people from a particular region or tribe monopolize and control the ports, and feel obligated to pilot the affairs of every Logistics deal that takes place in a country like Nigeria with over 250 ethnic groups, Issues like this should be expected. The high practice of this monopoly, which is enhanced by Tribal and Regional differences, is almost putting the Logistics business in jeopardy. Total control over the business and oil sector by a particular set, depicts "Economic Malady". Our country Nigeria is a blessed nation, We all need leaders that understand the system of business, and also, one who has the interest of business people in mind. If we have someone who understands the importance of developing the business sector. The kind that is emphatic about creating and establishing other sea ports and International Airports. It will bring the conjunction in some of the cities to at least 50-60 percent less. We need a system where an Efik man does not need to visit any other city to have access to his goods, and an Igbo man does not need to visit other city have access to his container. In fact, the arrival time of a vessel in Nigeria port is between 26-55 days, but on arrival some will hang on the sea waiting to birth for over 1-3 weeks. And after the birth, the process of clearing takes additional 1-3 weeks, depending on the Agent and the shipping line that handled the logistics of the container. This system brings ocean shipping timing to a duration of 2-4 months. In addition, you'll need well detailed information about the shipping line you are using. You should also get details about the time of arrival, to enable you understand the duration your item will take before it gets to you. I hope this little information has helped you to understand better, why ocean shipping takes longer in Nigeria. I remain your Trusted Agent: TOBIAS EZE. EMAIL ME ON - hello@tobiaseze.com WEBSITE: WWW.TOBIASEZE.COM

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